July 13, 2017

3 Tips for a Standout Grad School Resume

By Jodi Groeteke Hockemeier, College of Graduate Studies Enrollment Director | Admissions Advice

If you’re applying to grad school, you’ll need to submit a resume with your application. Don’t let anxiety get the best of you—it’s really a piece of cake. Here are three simple rules to keep you on point, and help you deliver a resume that shines. Be you. When it comes to choosing what words…

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July 12, 2017

4 Ways to Engage a Digital Learner

By Danielle Babb, PhD | Business

As a professor, I’ve learned quite a bit about how to connect to an audience in the digital space. And, the practical concepts I’ve developed in my online classroom can be implemented in business as well—for employee training. As a boss, a human resource manager, or any other facilitator of online training, you’re trying to find the best…

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June 22, 2017

Nonprofit Development and Leadership: An Entrepreneur’s Dream for a Family Business

By Dr. Sharon Link-Wyer, MBA Adjunct Professor | Business

As an adjunct professor of Concordia University, Nebraska’s Nonprofit Organization Development course and the head of a nonprofit, I know the pressures of managing two full-time commitments can be overwhelming. In 2009, I formed the nonprofit Link Autism Leadership on behalf of my autistic son, James. With the help of the pro bono and civic-minded law clinic at…

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June 20, 2017

Is Educational Leadership for You?

By Ken Sankey, Director of Education Administration and Liaison to LCMS School Leadership Education Program | Education

Do you want to improve student success and lead an effective school? You may have what it takes to be a school principal. School Leadership That Works identifies 21 responsibilities, or behaviors, demonstrated by principals that positively impact learning, achievement, behavior and attitudes of both students and teachers, with the top 11 being: Situational awareness…

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June 13, 2017

3 Keys to Social Media Success as a Small Business

By Dr. Shannon Leinen, MBA Program Director | Business

If you’re working on low advertising budget, promoting on social media is a no-brainer. In today’s global community, e-commerce is a necessity to remain viable in the public’s eye. Small businesses need to educate themselves on modern marketing practices to stay relevant and continue to meet sales goals. Ultimately, you need a plan to create…

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June 5, 2017

5 Things to Know About IRAs

By Dr. Kenny Roberts, MBA Adjunct Professor | Business

Most Americans aren’t adequately positioned for retirement—and approximately 46 percent of American families have no retirement savings at all. The goal of retirement is becoming more and more unrealistic. But the first step to change is getting informed—specifically about IRAs. Contributing to an IRA can make all the difference. The most significant difference between a…

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June 1, 2017

Why Get a Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction?

By Barbara Perlewitz, Curriculum & Instruction Program Director | Education

My answer is simple—Concordia University, Nebraska’s fully online Curriculum & Instruction master’s program is an innovative, inquiry-based program with a focus on professional development. The goal of the program is to provide an opportunity for practicing teachers and other educational professionals to improve students’ performance, to accept greater responsibility in their roles as educational leaders, advocates…

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May 30, 2017

3 Undeniable Advantages of an Online Graduate Degree

By Jodi Groeteke Hockemeier, College of Graduate Studies Enrollment Director | Admissions Advice

Thinking about getting your graduate degree, but not sure you can swing it? You’re in good company. Not everyone can take a multiyear hiatus to attend grad school. That’s why online degree programs are popping up everywhere these days—even at the most traditional institutions. It’s real-life education. Because life goes on. Here’s three reasons an…

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Encouragement to Entrepreneurs: Creating Success in a Changing World

By Joel Christiansen, MBA Adjunct Professor | Business

“Change is the price of survival.” -Winston Churchill Life is a cycle and process of change, with some experiences good, some not. That is the reality of life—and business.  It has a way of humbling us, disciplining us and rewarding us in a thousand different ways. Think of life and growing a business as a…

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May 19, 2017

Healthcare Leadership: Adapting to a New Presidential Climate

By Dr. D. Michael Leibert, Director of Masters Health Administration | Health and Human Services

The 2016 national election of a new president has resulted in varying levels of anxiety and stress among certain segments of our society. Post-election reports from mental health providers and others have identified individuals who were experiencing anxiety and feelings of vulnerability based upon the perceived consequences of the election results.  A portion of this…

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