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  • Mobile App Helps Students Put the Right Words in the Right Places

    Posted March 20, 2017 in Literacy Resources

    Finding just the right word for an essay can be a head-scratcher for many students. And proper word placement can sometimes be a brain twister. But when carefully chosen words fit into the right places in sentences and paragraphs to convey the author’s precise meaning, the mental gymnastics are well worth the effort. But good…

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  • Wonders of Science Fill App for Middle and High School Students

    Posted March 13, 2017 in Literacy Resources

    Slithering snakes and waddling penguins. Introducing these creatures into classroom lessons is a great way to pique students’ curiosity about the world of science and biology. And what about the technology of controlling sound waves? Or looking at what happens in a robotics summer camp for kids? Those topics and hundreds more fill the “Science…

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  • App Focuses on Famous Monuments Around the World

    Posted February 27, 2017 in Literacy Resources

    We’ve all heard of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Among them are the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Statue of Zeus and others. Of the original seven, only the Pyramids of Giza still stand. But lots of monuments, landmarks and famous locations have survived to inspire wonder worldwide. The Roman Colosseum, Brooklyn Bridge, Great…

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  • App Gives Kids a Splattering of Good Sight Words

    Posted February 21, 2017 in Literacy Resources

    Learning sight words can be a messy process. Like a splattered egg yolk. Yuck! But a splattered egg yolk can also be fun. That’s the idea behind “Eggy Words 100 HD,” an educational app from Reading Eggs. It targets the pre-K-through-second-grade crowd and covers the ABCs and includes 100 basic sight words for young readers….

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  • Empty or Full? Tall or Short? App Shows Young Learners the Meaning of Opposites

    Posted December 27, 2016 in Literacy Resources

    Whether a glass is full of water or a basket is empty, it’s important to know how to express the difference. While the concept seems obvious to adults, young learners may have difficulty finding the right words. The idea of opposites can be a head-scratcher for younger students, but technology can help them out. A…

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  • ‘Alphabet Organizer’ App Boosts the ABCs of Learning

    Posted December 12, 2016 in Literacy Resources

    It’s never too early for youngsters to start learning their ABCs, the building blocks of literacy. Identifying letters, organizing them and combining them to form simple words are among the important early literacy skills children should develop as early as kindergarten. For teachers, a good way to help young learners practice and boost literacy skills…

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  • ‘High School Math Practice’ App Makes a Great After-School Study Aid

    Posted December 5, 2016 in Literacy Resources

    When it comes time for serious study outside of the classroom, an excellent tool for math students to use is an educational app. One of the best is “High School Math Practice,” a no-nonsense app with interactive exercises and quizzes that challenge students to think logically and organize information they’ve studied in class. The free…

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  • ‘Run Marco!’ App Aligns with Hour of Code Sessions

    Posted November 29, 2016 in Literacy Resources

    Using desktop computers, digital tablets and even smartphones, thousands of students are expected to participate in Hour of Code sessions at schools across the country during Computer Science Education Week in early December. The sessions are sponsored by, a nonprofit that boosts student participation in computer science programs at K-12 schools. Each year the…

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  • Chemistry Students can Build Atoms, Molecules with ‘NOVA Elements’ App

    Posted November 15, 2016 in Literacy Resources

    Chromium, silicon and tungsten. What are these elements, and why are they important? If you’re a science or a chemistry teacher, you want students to know about these elements and dozens more that are the building blocks of ordinary matter. Chemistry teachers have used the printed Periodic Table of the Elements chart as a standard…

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  • ‘Code Hour’ App Introduces Younger Students to Computer Coding

    Posted October 17, 2016 in Literacy Resources

    At schools across the nation, computer coding is one of the fastest-growing disciplines under the umbrella of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Schools are stepping up coding instruction to prepare students for an increasingly tech-oriented workforce. For teachers, educational apps offer a great tool for introducing students to coding concepts. When used to supplement…

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  • ‘Park the Ark’ App Helps Kids Boost Word Recognition Skills

    Posted October 3, 2016 in Literacy Resources

    Learning to recognize a wide range of words at an early age doesn’t have to be a chore for young learners. Thanks to technology, apps can use games to teach and reinforce word recognition, which can help build strong reading skills. A fun game-based learning app to consider is “Park the Ark” by Truth Gaming….

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  • Math App Helps Middle School Students Understand Place Values

    Posted August 29, 2016 in Literacy Resources

    Some young learners have a hard time visualizing basic math concepts from printed worksheets or in-class whiteboard examples. That’s especially true with place values. In tablet-enabled classrooms, math apps are great resources because they give students extra help via self-paced exercises. A good app teachers should consider is “Number Pieces” by The Math Learning Center….

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  • App’s Puzzles Help Students Learn Fundamentals of Software Coding

    Posted August 22, 2016 in Literacy Resources

    Computer coding is one of the fastest-growing subjects in K-12 schools across the country. Its growth is being spurred by increased federal funding for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) instruction. A fun and visual way teachers can supplement classroom coding instruction is to add an educational app for digital tablets to their classroom-tech toolbox….

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  • Mobile App Helps Students Create ‘Found Poetry’

    Posted August 15, 2016 in Literacy Resources

    Words are the building blocks of poetry. Their careful selection and placement along with spaces and lines work together to communicate the writer’s meaning and message. While most K-12 students study the works of well-known poets in English language arts programs, they also need to try their hand at writing poetry. A good way to…

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  • Animal Flash Cards Jump to Life with ‘4D’ Technology

    Posted August 8, 2016 in Literacy Resources

    From raccoons and squirrels to lions, tigers, bears and even whales, most kids seem to love seeing and learning about animals. Elementary school teachers who add animals into their study mix can often boost fun and creativity in the classroom. For tablet-enabled classrooms, a good tool is an educational app like “Animal 4D+” from Octagon…

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  • Tablet App Reveals Secrets of Van Gogh Paintings

    Posted July 25, 2016 in Literacy Resources

    For generations, art teachers have relied on textbooks, prints, photographs and sometimes visits to a museum or gallery to teach students about classic artists like Rembrandt, Monet and Raphael. Today, digital tablet technology can put detailed works by master artists directly into students’ hands. There are dozens of educational apps for tablets that focus on…

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  • App Helps Students Boost Vocabulary and Creative Writing Skills

    Posted June 27, 2016 in Literacy Resources

    Reading and writing teachers know that robust vocabulary, good grammar and solid sentence construction skills will help students ace their creative-writing assignments. But the time and practice needed to master those skills can prompt groans of boredom or frustration from some students. Game-based learning apps for smartphones and digital tablets can help those students by…

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  • Flag App Helps Give Students a Global Perspective

    Posted June 13, 2016 in Literacy Resources

    A good way for teachers to introduce world geography and history into their classroom is to have students study flags from around the world. From their shapes, colors, designs and even fabrics, flags can offer students a significant look at the history, symbolism and cultures of the world’s nations. The study of flags, often called…

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  • LinkedIn App Helps Students Showcase Skills to Employers, Colleges

    Posted May 31, 2016 in Literacy Resources

    Thanks to technology, today’s high school students can easily showcase their academic and work-experience skills with a personalized online résumé. The “LinkedIn Students” app for smartphones and digital tablets makes it easy for students to show college recruiters, teachers or potential employers the e-portfolios they created at school. The app also lets them research occupations and…

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  • Youngsters Learn to Recognize Colors and Patterns with Educational App

    Posted May 23, 2016 in Literacy Resources

    Although young children develop at their own pace, most educators and developmental experts agree children should have a minimal academic and developmental skillset in place when they start kindergarten. Common skills include good oral language abilities, the ability to listen and follow simple directions, basic letter and number recognition, color and shape recognition, and fine-motor…

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