App Helps Students Prepare for State Math Standards

It’s never too early for math teachers to help students develop the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills they need to succeed on math exercises.

Traditional workbooks, classroom exercises and written materials remain the most popular resources for teaching basic mathematics in elementary and middle school. Fortunately, new tech tools are increasingly available to help teachers supplement those materials.

"Wuzzit Trouble" helps second- through eighth-graders expand their math skillsA good tool to consider adding to the classroom-tech toolbox is the “Wuzzit Trouble” educational app by Brainquake Inc. The app targets young learners in second through eighth grades and works with most smartphones and digital tablets.

The app uses fun math puzzles to help prepare students to meet current math competency standards set by most states.

Features include:

  • Animated “gear-based” game-play interface.
  • Automatic scoring.
  • Colorful graphics and game characters.
  • More than 70 math puzzle games at various challenge levels.
  • Music and sound effects.

Each game in the app works on the concept of integer partition, or the expressions of a whole number as the sum of other whole numbers. Playing the games helps students practice the concept in a practical way.

Getting Started

The app interface is easy to follow and launches with a colorful page that displays fun animal characters called Wuzzits that are the focus of each game.

Players start by using a finger to tap a “gear” navigation button to control the app’s music and sound effect settings (they are turned on by default). Next, they tap the “play” button to launch their first game.

The goal is to release a Wuzzit character from a trap inside a castle by rotating a numbered mechanical gear a specific number of spaces and rotations to collect several keys attached to the gear face. It’s similar to working a combination lock, as players must pay attention and determine how many spaces are needed to reach a key and which direction will get them there the fastest. Points are given for using the fewest turns of the dial to reach the keys.

Wuzzits are released when all keys on a gear are collected. Players also earn stars for each round and earn points toward unlocking the next playing level after each game is finished.

Finally, trophies are given for each 25 points earned and are displayed in a colorful trophy room, which can be seen along with cumulative scores by returning to the start page and tapping the trophy icon.

While the movements, colorful graphics and animation in each game will engage most students, kinesthetic learners who thrive on tactile activities while learning may find it especially entertaining.

What’s included

Content in the “Wuzzit Trouble” app is all-inclusive. Once the app has been downloaded into a device, all dynamic features including music, sound effects, automatic scoring, animation and graphics are available anywhere without an Internet connection.

There are no advertisements or in-app purchases.

Download details

The “Wuzzit Trouble” app by Brainquake is free. It can be downloaded through Google Play and is compatible with smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system 2.0.1 or later. The app is also available on iTunes and is compatible with iPhones and iPad tablets running iOS version 6.0 or later.

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