July 13, 2017

3 Tips for a Standout Grad School Resume

By Jodi Groeteke Hockemeier, College of Graduate Studies Enrollment Director | Admissions Advice

If you’re applying to grad school, you’ll need to submit a resume with your application. Don’t let anxiety get the best of you—it’s really a piece of cake. Here are three simple rules to keep you on point, and help you deliver a resume that shines.

  1. Be you. When it comes to choosing what words to use, don’t Thesaurus-ize your resume. Big words aren’t better words. And while you’re at it, steer clear of overused buzz words and industry jargon. Think of the person reading through stack upon stack of resumes. If you’re just dropping the same meaningless words as everyone else, you’re likely to make no impact at all, let alone stand out from the rest. Say what you mean and mean what you say. It’s that simple.
  2.  Keep it easy on the eyes. First and foremost, keep your format readable. Think white space; a simple layout that breathes. Densely packed text feels overwhelming. You want your resume to be scannable—read briefly for key points. So, pick a format that simply highlights the information you’re presenting, not one that competes with it.
  3. Make it gleam. Nothing sends your resume to the bottom of the pile quicker than a typo. Sloppy errors are inexcusable. Read. Re-read. Re-re-read. And then have someone else read. Check for consistency. Did you capitalize the same words? Did you use the proper spacing? Are columns aligned? Have you spell checked it? Your resume is a representation of you. And you are a conscientious, intelligent, and diligent person. Make sure your resume gives an accurate glimpse into who you are. Polish it till sparkles. Then polish it some more. 

And there you have it. When it comes to grad school resumes, it’s easy to make a great impression. Taking the time to do it right and follow the basic rules will pay off big time. This is your future we’re talking about. A knock-their-socks off resume is the first step to making sure it’s bright.

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