April 12, 2017

5 Things You Might Not Know About An Online Master’s Program

By Jodi Groeteke Hockemeier, College of Graduate Studies Enrollment Director | Admissions Advice

Finding the right balance between work, personal life, and continuing your education can be quite the challenge. While pursuing an online master’s degree has made balancing much simpler with its convenience and flexibility, what actually happens once you log on? You may be surprised to learn that an online classroom doesn’t differ that much from the traditional setting. Here are five things about taking an online master’s program that may ease your concerns.

  1. You’re not alone in the classroom. While you don’t have to log on at the same time as your peers, there will be plenty of opportunities to communicate with them. Participating through in-depth discussion is key for having a successful online learning environment and feeling connected to your classmates. Through Concordia University, Nebraska’s fully online master’s program, for example, we limit our class sizes to encourage strong interactions between students with the same recognized academic level appreciated on campus.
  2. You’ll immediately apply what you learn. If you’re pursing an advanced degree in the field you’re already working in, many of the skills you’ll learn can be applied at work instantly. Not only does this make it easier to advance your career, but also creates a better fluidity between your job and classwork.
  3. You can take advantage of career services. Schools encourage their students to work alongside advisors for any assistance toward career goals—regardless if you’re on or off campus. While you may not be in a physical classroom, you’ll still have access to the same support as if you were. At Concordia, our personalized enrollment assistance will help you from the start, and you’ll experience ongoing career and student services throughout your studies.
  4.  You’re joining a community. Even when you’re studying online, the support doesn’t just end after graduation. When you join an online program, you’ll have the same networking access as students enrolled on campus. That means you can connect with your school’s alumni network, leading to the connections you’ll want for wherever your future leads.
  5. You’re graduating with a respected degree. With online degrees rising in popularity, so is the number of accredited programs. If it’s not clear immediately, do some digging on the school’s website or ask the admissions team if they are accredited and by what accredited body. Choosing an accredited school, like Concordia, will help you receive the respected degree employers are looking for.

Ready to join an online program that’s not only highly valued, but also fits around your schedule? At Concordia University, Nebraska, we offer several concentrations through our four master’s programs—Athletics Administration, Business, Education, and Health and Human Services. We encourage you to reach out at anytime to learn more about programs.


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