August 8, 2017

Online MBAs: What Do Employers Really Think About Them?

By Concordia University, Nebraska Admissions | Business

The truth is, in most cases, employers don’t think about online MBAs.

In today’s ever-advancing technological landscape, online learning is seen every bit as valid as traditional classroom learning. Sure, 15 years ago an online degree may have given a few employers pause, but it’s much more widely understood, accepted and even valued today.

3 Reasons Online MBAs Have Earned Respect

1. Technological advancements.

Online education has come a long way thanks to technological advancements. Between high-speed Internet and innovations in virtual learning environments, schools have been able to format traditional MBA programs for online distribution. Lectures can be viewed through streaming video, assignments are easily submitted online, and class discussions take place in chat rooms. Online students receive the same MBA education as their brick and mortar counterparts—just delivered in a different way.

2. Volume of online students.

According to a report published by The Online Learning Consortium, the number of students taking online courses in 2016 grew to 8 million nationally, continuing a growth trend that has been consistent for 13 years. More than a quarter of higher education students (28 percent) are enrolled in at least one online course—that’s one in four students. So, when you think about the sheer volume of online students, it’s clear to see how distance learning has garnered a new level of acceptance.

3. Valuable work experience.

Earning an MBA online allows you to maintain a career and gain valuable work experience while continuing your education. And it shows that you’re able to balance the responsibilities of work with the demands of a rigorous academic program. This says a lot about your motivation and your work ethic. Going to school while working also requires organizational and management skills—two crucial qualities for executive positions.

When it comes to interviews, most employers won’t even ask by which method you got your MBA, as long as it is from a reputable, accredited school. Business schools and programs accredited by respected organizations, such as the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs, and International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education, should meet the expectations of any employer.

If you’re interested in earning your MBA online, be sure to check out Concordia University, Nebraska’s MBA programs. Accredited and respected, you’ll be sure to impress any employer with your degree.

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